Thursday, May 31, 2012

Placing Attention on the Child Heart

When consciousness as attention is inverted, turned within to the Heart of Being, turned  from the incessant outward view of trying to fix and change the outward appearances, we find the "healing" we are desiring.

We need do nothing, indeed, we can do nothing.  The Child "within" is the real.  It is the Child that does the good work.  This sacred spirit Identity is Who we are originally and always.  We live as the Viewing Point ever growing from faithfulness to Trust to Confirmation that all that is seen is but Selfhood images.  Nothing to change, only images that are here to teach us the truth of Self-Identity.  God's Self-Awareness is who and what we are.  Only Now-Awareness in the activity of Self-remembrance and the living of this Truth. 

We are not the body, we are not the illusory mind.  Identity-I is prior to all appearance and lives this experience of tangible existence to remember and to live as the Original Child, the Eye and Witness for Peace and Love.  All that is viewed is but our Self, delineated and confirmed by the miracles and action that Love Is.  We go "within" and stay there, attention in the Heart of Being while we apparently walk in this world of time and space.  We make this the habit, gently and lovingly forgiving our apparent missteps that still follow along while the old habitual nature is undone and sublimated.

Be kind to yourselves, be kind to each other, for there is no other, only the One Self returning Home.  But this home is not somewhere in future time, not something we get to or have to wait for even to the death of the body.  This time is Now, the Place is Here.   The Son of God, The Child of God is our authentic and only Reality.  We Find Happiness Now and Here.  We Find Freedom and Love Now and Here.  We awaken to the Meadow where the Child lives even while the world appears to stay unwilling to let go the old notions and dogmas of egoic self believing and living.  

We let go desiring and waiting for others to change; there is no other awareness out there that must do anything for us to find the truth of OurSelf.  We undo and Find for Ourselves and then watch the miracles unfold no longer pulled along in life by the ring through our nose; the ring of judgment, blame, guilt and fear.  No longer pulled by all of the ego strategies and addictions that are designed to keep the fictitious identity in tact. 

By God, The Child "within" Us lives, and You, beyond the notion and false beliefs of body and mind are this Child of God. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The God Particle

Images fly, they soar, they come and go, high and low, but This Awareness that is Identity-I is Changeless.  Awareness is the Changeless background Upon Which all change is perceived.  It is the field of infinite possibilities and the Witness of It all.  This Awareness I Am is found in the world as The Child of all images, all minds, all beings.  The Child Is The Original Mind Imaged, the Micro Point of Light That Is Everywhere all at Once.  It is Prior to The Apparent Holographic Fragmentation and yet is Found right Here animating the tangible Point of Viewing.  It is the non-spatial point of light, the Spark of the Divine.  It belongs to the Deific Mind, Identical; Original Image from whence all is imaged as world and “other”.  The Ineffable Mind is changeless, unmoved, and yet is the source of all movement.  God and Its Child are One.  And this One is present right here and now, in the Arena of time and space as Awareness awakens to Its Authentic Self, Child of God.   From the Gospel according to Thomas, “If they say to you:  “(Who) are you?”  say: “We are His sons and we are the elect of the Living Father”.  If they ask you:  “What is the sign of your Father in you?” say to them:  “It is a movement and a rest.”  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Arise Child-Heart

Child-Witness, letting go of clinging, avoiding, attachments
Ever understanding the contraction that is self
Unwind, undo, and embrace all that arises
Feel into the Always Condition of peace
Covered, like a veil by the unnecessary wound.
Arise Child–Heart, be not dismayed, 
I am with you each step of the way
Each step passed through, another testing of what seems new
Each Glimpse, letting go of self who thinks he knows. 
The Onion disappearing, progressing towards Always Happiness.

Trust arising, Child-consciousness as witness, embracing all
Conditional self, being undone, nothing excluded
High and low, it is all the same, only images of Self-reflection
Self-contraction understood, judgment's reign ending
Watch, Observe, Witness, not as ego self, but as the Divine Witness of Being.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Transcendent Self

The Child Heart, Self As Happiness, is the Self of all beings, all minds, all conditions, all images and images of images, transcending each and everything, even consciousness as the witness is transcended. All along the return, The Child, the Sacred Spirit guides the self to self-surrender, self-transcendence and self-forgetting, to Freedom from the bondage and delusion of all seeking. It is here... where each and every stage has been fulfilled, and the Self as Heart and Happiness has transcended all that arises simply as a play of unnecessary and non-binding modification of Itself from high to low, from the smallest to the largest. Leaving behind each stage of learning, transcending all Within Itself and As Itself, no longer is the world necessary to learn the Great (Vertical) Return for It has been Realized that Self is Always The Heart of all. Each condition has been met, lived and Self proven. There is only Self of all beings, all minds, The Very Heart of God.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reflections of the Heart

Do you ever watch TV, or see a news clip where there was a situation, a relationship that turned from discord and suffering to forgiveness.  A child born without a brain and the pain and suffering of the mother.  And the mother coming to peace after much suffering and deciding that the child's organs can be a gift for others to live.  The mother finding peace in this cognition and activity. 

Subjectively, this is your miracle, this is your evidence of good.  This is the reflection of your healing work, the change of your mind in evidence.  This is how wonderful and loving you are every time you change your mind and offer love.  No, do not look at the evidence of war and the baby born with no brain as being real.  Look to the Love and peace that arises from the story.  This is your story, this is my story.  This is the Reflection of Love’s presence being birthed in this world.  Look for the good in all stories.  Pick out the Good (big) fish from the net and throw all the smaller ones back into the sea without regret.  Let us join hand in hand into the undoing of guilt and fear.  Hand and hand realizing there is only one story.  The story of return.  And with the letting go of all stories, you will find yourself the Self watching your world come upon the miracle and the Love that is being the miracle, being the practice of forgiveness.  Only Love is real.  I promise that this is the Truth.  Amen, dear ones.

Awareness and Its Self Reflection

Where is the good that one sees, one perceives?  ACIM says repeatedly that the “you” is mind itself.  I hold mind, awareness, even the heart, as equal.  So if there is only mind or awareness, is it not getting clearer that the love you see outside yourself is really within you?  As you recognize this subjective position more and more you will grow into the understanding and then the realization that not only is the outside world within You, it is the reflection of the True You.  Not You, but Your image.  Child of God, It is here, It is now.  This time is your time.  “Just come unto Me who are weary and I shall give thee rest.”  Whoever sees the sign of the Father is beginning to see Themselves, as long as you realize the sign of the Father is but Yourself.

The Prism Heart of God: Metaphor of Light

Every child who comes upon a prism discovers the “magic”, the play and enjoyment of light passing through as the child moves the prism side to side, up and down allowing for the light of the sun to shine through, dancing on the wall and ceiling.  

All metaphors break down; they are only an illustration, a pointer to the Original Glimpse (Idea) from whence the illustration is written.  So, please go gentle with these words and listen to them with the Heart of yourself in childlike simplicity.   This metaphor is not new, you have most likely heard this and pondered this for yourself.  Perhaps, there can be a “new” hearing, as we let go the me-sense that would try to make sense of these words through the filter of the intellect and the screen of reason and logic. 

Imagine with me for a few moments that Heart (Mind) of God is like a prism: pure, pristine, the Very Light That is Very God Itself.  Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine this Light shining through Itself, The Heart of God creating, extending Itself As Self-Knowing (Being) the Son of God, Christ, The Child of God.  

This illustration points to God’s Creative extending and extension of Itself Beholding the Timeless, Eternal Creative Activity Of God; As Heart (Prism) Shining (Light); As the Divine Spectrum of The Rays of Light.  Oneness, Beingness, Love.

Each Ineffable Ray Identical With Each Other, Indivisible, Undivided.  It is the Light That Is GodMind that Radiates ITSELF As The Rays of Itself, Self of Itself.  It is At this Place The Heart Can Say, ‘This Is The Creation I AM’.  It is In and With this Light of Understanding That the Statement is Announced:  the Rays are One With God and are the Light of God.  Synergistically, God is greater than the sum of Its Rays.  “I and my Father are one, but my Father is greater than Me”, said the Carpenter who walked the Galilee two thousand years ago identifying as Light Itself.

The Rising of the Mist and Its Undoing:

As for This Experience I am, having found myself The Child and recognizing that Everyman is Such This One, I have realized that The Divine Purpose for each Child of God, once the husk of self-concept arises, covers, and hides the Light of Self-Being is to Once again Return to Original Mind and Self-Knowing.  It is to Live not only in the Meadow but to Know Awareness as the Meadow of Mind.  The Meadow is The Supernal, Ineffable Being of Happiness (Bliss), Existence and Love.   It is to live in this world free of fear and guilt.  It is to live in this world sharing the good news with the “others” that appear within this Subjective experience.   

The Self of Being, The Very Radiance of God and the conscious Recognition of Self as Divine Happiness is only apparently hidden from conscious recognition.  Self, having identified as separate, different, other than, less than, guilty, and believing in the scarcity of Allness, has grown into a mis-Identity, fictitious self, with total forgetting of Who and What Identity-I Really Is.  This ego-self is an identity that has shrunk from All to the contraction and mis-identification as a point in time and space that unconsciously lives out of the belief of littleness and the need to defend a false image that grows out of fear and guilt.

With the determination to find the Truth for oneself, what God really Is and Who and what Identity Really is, each Child of God, Each Ray of God’s Brilliant and Radiant Being starts the journey and adventure of a lifetime(s). 

This treatise is written to the Child heart within each reader.  The Purpose (behind all purposes) and the Reason (behind all reasons) that you are reading these words is to understand that the reader can and will Find, Become and Have the Experience of Prosperity of Mind (consistent ever-present peace, Happiness and Love) if you earnestly let go the false notion that you have to do something to be Happiness Itself.  It is only a matter of letting go of; and not getting (seeking for something outside oneself for the happiness and love that is already within and as one’s Real Self).  There can be and will be a transformation and transfiguration when the spurious self is self-forgotten, self-surrendered and self-transcended. 

All along the pathway of Return, we shed the false notion of self and exchange it with the Divine Child Identity that is our Authentic Self and is the Experience and Condition of unceasing Happiness.  This shedding has been called the death of the ego.  It is really no death at all but a conversion so to speak from the false and spiritually immature notion of what one believes he or she is, into the Truth of Oneself and God.  Behind this fictitious self, always guiding, comforting and counseling is the Child Identity waiting to be birthed into the awareness you are; birthed into the world of perception.  Birthed and recognized, always present awaiting our call, awaiting our acceptance of the invitation. 

The Awareness we are comes to perceive and know that Identity is Light and Love.  We awaken in The Meadow and realize that the belief and perceiving of separation need not be, all boundaries of a you and your world gently, patiently, lovingly undone.  We are born into the Realization of What We Are having let go of all “is not’s” that delineate the Real.

The mist that arose as the consciousness of separation upon the Divine Waters of Awareness has only been a myth, never has it been true; merely a seeming, making plain (Obvious And Most Profoundly) Love’s Presence.

We are God’s Divine Prism, The Heart of Love.  The blessing to be found and lived is this:   Anything but peace of mind is a (The) sign that we have been mis-perceiving.  The Experience of Radical Freedom can only be found Within and As oneself by first finding and “seeing” It in the world of Self/self-perception.  The Child Heart is Everyone and Everything.  The Light of Everything and Everyone is the Child Heart.  God’s Light and Love are Present, and only This Is.